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Specific Hosting Demands - UNR Special Package

In case that your web hosting demands can not be sattisfied by one of the previous packages, then to UNR you have the possibility to specify your hosting demands filling the following form and we are available to discuss with you all your needs, in order to find you the best package, at the best price.

Online application form of specific hosting demands

Please fill carefully the form fields below and at the end click on Submit

Applicant data

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Specifications of Web Hosting Packet

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Please enter the number of MySQL databases you wish. In case that your site is static leave this field empty

Note that regardless of the above features you choose, at the hosting packet are provided as standard ISP Config Control Panel, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited number of POP3 / IMAP e-mail accounts, Roundcube Webmail (SSL), Virus e-mail protection, E-mail Spam Filter, Brute force protection against attacks, Web Statistics. Finally, the server is in an EU country with 64bit Linux operating system and latest versions of all required programs.

Additional Notes

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